Commercial Real Estate Consulting

To assist you in solving complex real estate issues, the TG Commercial Property Group manages the analysis of potential risks and returns for decision making. Our advice and counsel are always based on hard quantitative analysis. We understand the quantitative underpinnings which must accompany your decisions. You do not have time for summarizing the data and defending positions; you hire the TG Commercial Property Group to do this; and we build the case based on the data and expert analysis.

Many projects require strategic partners; we can manage the process. The result is exact information upon which you can base optimal decisions. Our solid relationships in the professional community attract specialists in each discipline. Simply put, this means we can achieve your goals of a comprehensive solution with confidential analysis and execution.

Consulting Services Provided:

  • Asset Review and Management

  • Market Research

  • Project Research

  • Occupancy Cost Analysis

  • Financial Analysis

  • Lease Administration and Management

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