Landlord Representation

Landlords can expect professional marketing and leasing projects is the result of creative, aggressive, tenant-direct canvassing and persistent communication with cooperating brokers to build interest in a property.

Our Project Marketing Services include:


  • Setting forth all elements of the strategic marketing program, from canvassing to closing, to ensure the marketing program achieves measurable progress toward the goals determined by the client. 
  • Providing essential market data to assist owners and sublessors in establishing the highest achievable financial returns, developing successful marketing themes and identifying and showcasing an asset's features and benefits.


  • Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan
  • Delivering all necessary resources in order to implement the marketing plan, gaining maximum exposure among the targeted audiences and exceeding the client's expectations.
  • Preparing professional marketing materials including, but not limited to: Brochures, mail campaigns, banners, websites
  • Special Events: We can host special events to feature your project/property.
  • Accessing the extensive network of regional and national tenant relationships. 
  • Media: We can ensure both local and national exposure of your property by selective placement on major publications including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times.
  • Television Advertising: If you desire maximum exposure, we can also work with you to prepare, produce and air commercials on local, regional and national television.
  • Marketing the asset through brokerage community allegiances, supported by our active participation in industry organizations, such as the Greater Washington Area Commercial Brokers Council and Certified Commercial Investment Members Counselors of Real Estate.


  • Utilizing all the technology to reach the target audience for your projector property. We make sure your property is prominently featured in all the multiple listing services and commercial real estate databases.
  • Provide you with up-to-date market information and financial analysis tools. 
  • Website: We can assist in the production of your project’s website.
  • Video tours: Show your clients how your property stands out with a video tour or virtual tour.

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